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What are the Benefits of Living in an HOA?

The benefits of living in a HOA has many conveniences. There is a growing emphasis upon living in homeowner associations, whether it is single family communities, condominium associations, townhome associations, or mixed use associations. While banks and developers emphasize them to protect their insurable interests, there are some great benefits to homeowners too.

1. Common Interest Ownership. Living in a homeowners association offers a convenient lifestyle with amenities and opportunities that may not otherwise be affordable. This typically offers a many social benefits for both children and adults to enjoy, without families having to incur the expenses all alone.

2. Community Appearance. Another benefit of living in an HOA is assuring that the upkeep of the community is governed by particular standards called Covenant Restrictions. This requires homeowners to meet particular standards of living within the association, or face remedies such as fines. These regulations make it less likely for lawns not to be manicured or homes left in disrepair. Additional regulations may include changes to home exteriors and adding structures and other improvements upon the lot, including color restrictions and materials used. Even the type and number of vehicles may be regulated to protect the community from unsightly yards and driveways. Associations may also protect the roads and parking lots from heavy vehicles and vehicle maintenance that cause damages to them, keeping them safe for passage.

3. Low Maintenance. Many homeowner associations offer services that care for the common areas such as lawn care, maintenance and repairs, and trash and snow removal. This alleviates the work from the homeowner, and gives them the freedom to do other things and come home to an aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained community.

4. Enjoyable Amenities: Many associations offer attractive amenities such as swimming pools, a community center, walking trails, sports courts, and playing fields for the enjoyment and benefit of all members and their guests. Other communities may offer golf courses or tennis facilities. As an added benefit, families and neighbors that play together may experience better health and social conditions.

5. Management Support: An excellent benefit to living in a homeowner association is when you experience barking dogs, parking issues, noise nuisances, or observe other covenant violations, you may notify the management company and request them to handle the issue rather than getting directly involved.

There are many benefits to living in a HOA. Plus, additional amenities can often be added for greater benefits, convenience, and enjoyment of all homeowners.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein is intended for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as offering legal advice. For legal advice, seek the counsel of a competent attorney specializing in Community Association Law on matters pertaining to your state and community.

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