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Our World Class Services & Support

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A Higher Quality of Attention
Achieving the highest level of client satisfaction drives our entire operation. We seek to offer a very high quality of personal attention to homeowners and the Board, genuinely caring for the comfort and convenience of our clients in accordance with the governing standards and business strategies of the HOA. Our management model designates more community manager attention to the entire HOA enterprise. This improves our scope of knowledge of the whole operation, for a more seamless work flow, removes communication hurdles, and accelerates action. We carefully select easy to use resources, reliable partners, and trustworthy ideas according to time honored techniques, building lasting value and more attractive communities to raise the bar on the attention provided to the HOA members.   

Financial Support


We offer a complete financial suite of services that includes support in the areas of processing payables and receivables, deposits, billing, collections support, delinquency letters, financial reports, annual budget preparation, facilitating tax preparers and auditors, real estate transaction demands and more. Our management software conveniently allows homeowners to access their balances online 24/7, and real time financial reports for the Board. Plus, we offer tax preparers, auditors, and collections professionals the convenience of limited and secured access to reduce costs. Each month, we prepare user-friendly monthly financial packages for the Board to review the status of the association. We have made it easy and transparent to manage the association's financials while keeping the community well informed. Using time honored techniques, we assist the Board in providing business analysis and strategic planning that brings into clearer focus cost controls and well informed budgeting measures.  

Operations Management and Service Providers


We seek to maintain the beauty and attractiveness of the common elements for a more comfortable living environment. We maintain relationships with some of the finest law firms, CPA and accounting firms, engineering firms, insurance agents, and banking entities all specializing in homeowner associations, including a network of professional contractors. Our services offer support in the event of the need for repairs and maintenance, assisting the Board with reviewing contracts, legal liaison, reserve funds, financials, and facilitating contractors. We provide reasonable and consistent enforcement of the covenants to meet the frequency needs of the HOA. We can also regularly review the common elements including any buildings and grounds.

Administration and Customer Support


We view the homeowner experience as a core essential element of HOA management. We are dedicated to facilitating reasonable requests and inquiries in a timely fashion. We prepare notices, letters, remittances, and other communications and correspondence for the HOA, including bulk mailers. We offer the custody and control of corporate records and documents, using sophisticated cloud technology and onsite file storage. We process architectural requests for improvements, serving as a liaison between the Architectural Committee and homeowners. We facilitate work orders, service requests, violations and late notices.



We manage communities in ways that connects and integrates homeowners. Our management software offers a complete financial suite for the Board to access real-time financial reports, homeowners may access account balances, process work orders, and submit online requests. We offer additional features such as broadcast emails and access to HOA documents such as meeting minutes and governing documents to keep associations well informed. We offer efficient electronic processing of Board compliance such as resolutions and consent documents. We can even extend the use of our telephone conferencing features to the Board of Directors, especially for those who are on the go or live out of state. 


Meetings and Communication


Our service offerings include attending membership meetings and Board meetings, including preparing notices, agendas, and other document handouts for meetings and bulk mailers. We also procure meeting spaces, setup the room, and facilitate the check-in process, so that the Board can focus on the meeting. We assist the Board with many conveniences such as meeting preparation, parliamentary procedures and questions arising during meetings, and social media. We offer distribution of important communications and newsletters to the homeowners. We offer welcome packets to new homeowners to assist them during their transition, and assist the Board in reviewing minutes, resolutions, and consent documents.  We also serve as the point of contact for real estate agents and closing attorneys to facilitate HOA certification demands expediently.

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