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A better way to manage homeowner associations




We seek to offer our clients an enjoyable, hospitable, quality management experience. Whether you arrive home by vehicle, boat, or helipad, we have a depth of experience to assist. 

We are humbled by our award winning HOA management services and seek continuous improvement on behalf of our clients. We aim to offer a high level of care to both the board and homeowners. We incorporate a user friendly database system to give our clients a valuable, informative, experience. We carefully select easy to use resources, reliable partners, and trustworthy ideas according to time honored techniques. We seek to align services and support systems that build lasting value.


We aim to simplify the overall task of HOA management for our clients. We offer service packages designed to strategically reduce long-term costs, including developing effective budgets. We use technology designed to improve communication, reduce response times, and offer more efficient Board compliance authorization processes. We designed our management model specifically to devote a broader and more indepth manager involvement into each HOA than some of our competitors. We offer relationships with attorneys, insurance agents, engineers, reserve specialists and maintenance contractors specializing in homeowner associations. We have a professionally trained staff highly skilled in applying years of advanced education, a wealth of management experience, including luxurious high-end real estate experience.

Come see the difference Cambridge makes! Come home to a better HOA management experience.



Our Association Client Base

  • Single Family Homeowner Associations

  • Condominium Associations

  • Town Home Associations

  • Master Associations


Our Territory

We serve community associations existing approximately within a 100 mile radius of the Charlotte-metropolitan area. Others may be considered upon request.

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About Us

We are a professional, full-Service, HOA management company serving condominium, town home, and single family community associations.  We are conveniently located in the medical and retail district of Gastonia, North Carolina, which is one of the largest cities within the Charlotte-metropolitan area.

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