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How to Conduct Orderly HOA Meetings

In order to conduct the regular business of the HOA in an orderly fashion, some sort of parliamentarian rules of order must be adopted and followed. As it pertains to conducting the business of the HOA, it is called the “order of business” in which an agenda will follow. In this month’s segment, we will consider the sequence of the order of business along with some optional items that may be inserted into the agenda.

1. Call to Order. The meeting is called to order as the person presiding over the meeting raps the gavel once and/or announces the meeting will come to order. A gavel is not necessary to conduct meetings.

2. Roll Call. The purpose of a roll call is basically to establish that a quorum has been achieved. The Board of Directors will use a roll call in its meeting proceedings, while at membership meetings a check-in process may be used to determine whether or not a quorum has been achieved.

3. Reading and Approval of Minutes. The Chair will announce that the Secretary will read the minutes and following the reading of the minutes the Chair will ask if there are any corrections to the minutes. If there are no corrections, then the Chair will announce that the minutes stand approved as read. In the case there are corrections, the Chair will announce that the minutes stand approved as corrected.

4. Reports of Officers and Committees. The Chair will call on those officers of the Board that have reports for the meeting in a proper order, and the committee reports will follow any Board officer reports.

5. Unfinished Business. The unfinished business of the Board or Membership may include any previous questions or business brought before the Board that was tabled or remains unfinished as a result of adjourning the previous meeting without completing the business.

6. New Business. Following the unfinished business, the Board may consider any new questions or business to be conducted.

7. Adjournment. This is an official declaration by the person presiding over the meeting to close the meeting. The meeting is normally adjourned after the presiding officer asks if there is any further business to come before the assembly. However, a motion may be made to adjourn the meeting requiring a second to the motion and a majority vote. The meeting continues until the presiding officer declares the meeting adjourned.

Some Optional Orders of Business

1. Opening Ceremonies. After calling the meeting order, opening ceremonies may be utilized for celebrations of the HOA or Board of Director.

2. Consent Calendar. A Consent Calendar may also be used following the Roll Call for approving routine business by unanimous consent. This is especially important for HOA Boards that do not operate using action without written consent.

3. Open Forum. An open forum may be a separate order of business or may be classified under new business. An open forum allows for members of the HOA to ask questions at a meeting.

4. Announcements. Announcements may also be used a separate category or sub-classified under new business for any upcoming events or business of the HOA.

If it is otherwise not specified in the HOA's governing documents, the latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order is recommended or some other stated form of parliamentarian rules for order should be used. The purpose is guide the Board through smooth, orderly, and well-conducted meetings.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein is intended for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as offering legal advice. For legal advice, seek the counsel of a competent attorney specializing in Community Association Law on matters pertaining to your state and community.

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